Speech Pathology for Children

Empower your child through improved fluency, literacy or social communication. We use play-based activities and fun approaches to provide evidence-based therapies. Parents, grandparents, and even siblings are welcome (and encouraged) to come along.

Signs your child might benefit from speech pathology

There are a few different signs your child may benefit from speech pathology.

Late Talkers

Was your child a late talker and now having trouble communicating at school? Late talkers often find themselves slightly behind their peers at school in terms of language and social communication. Your child’s teacher may have spoken with you about their communication or speech.

Listening Difficulties

Have you ever worried your child may be deaf but found their hearing to be fine when tested? Your child may be able to hear you and what you are saying but not understand it. Through speech pathology interventions, we can assess and potentially treat (where necessary) receptive language development and auditory processing.


Does your child stutter or “clutter” their speech? We can support 3 to 6-year-olds through fluency interventions including the Lidcombe Program. This program can support children and their carers to find improved fluency.

Phonological Awareness

Does your child have difficulty pronouncing new or unfamiliar words? Are they at an age where they’re reading but they have difficulty reading out loud and fluently? Phonological awareness is the awareness of the way that the sounds in words are structured. It’s typically a reliable predictor of reading ability. Children typically start to develop phonological awareness once they become aware of language sounds.

We provide a range of different approaches to suit different ages through phonological awareness skills, reading decoding skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

We work with a range of conditions

You might not quite see your child’s specific speech, voice, or swallowing concern above. It doesn’t mean we can’t help! We’re experienced speech pathologists ready to support you.

How does speech pathology work?

We personalise each treatment plan and its detailed activities to each client we work with. Your child will receive speech pathology treatments based on the activities and play they enjoy so we can integrate this development with their natural, day-to-day activities.


It starts with a quick chat

You’ll have an initial assessment

We’ll put together a treatment plan

Strengths-based activities process

How can I prepare for my child’s first appointment?

Give our team a call to discuss your child’s requirements in fluency, literacy or social communication.
We’ll have a chat with you about speech pathology and specific therapies we might use with your child.

Get started by booking an assessment with one of our speechies

You don’t need a referral to get started. A phone call or email will allow us to start the process of finding your next steps to better communication.