Speech Pathology for Adults

You need fluency, literacy or voice improvements for a new job, you’re addressing a recently -noticeable problem, or you’ve had a health incident. No matter the reason, it’s never too late for speech pathology. We’ll tailor our therapy programs to you and your lifestyle.

Signs you might benefit from speech pathology

We work with adults for a variety of concerns around speech, communication, voice, literacy and swallowing. Whether it’s a lifelong concern you’re now seeking help for, a recent development or incident, or just a bit of support to help you ace your new job, we can help!

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • I’m getting a promotion but I’m really anxious about how poor my writing is.
  • My literacy skills have never been great but now I need to support my children with theirs.
  • Giving talks had always been difficult in school but I haven’t worried about it since. Now I do training sessions at work and people have trouble understanding me.
  • My stutter is returning or getting worse again.
  • I can never find the right words to say what I mean or how I feel.
  • I feel like people don’t listen to what I say or ignore what I’ve said.
  • I’m having difficulty hearing people in meetings.
  • No one can hear what I’m saying because I have a soft voice.
  • I work in a call centre/have to talk a lot each day and I keep losing my voice.
  • I run out of air while I’m speaking.
  • I’m a teacher and my voice is becoming sore.
  • My voice always feels scratchy.
  • I cough when I have my morning coffee or tea.
  • I had a mini-stroke and my speech isn’t as clear as it was.
  • My loved one’s MND / Parkinson’s / Dementia is getting worse and we need to talk to a speech pathologist

We work with swallowing and dysphagia

Dysphagia or trouble with swallowing can occur at any age. It’s actually surprisingly common in older adults though. The cause can vary — from strokes or traumatic brain injuries, to changes in medication — which may cause a dry mouth and thus make chewing and swallowing difficult. Dysphagia can be quite dangerous if food or liquid is entering your airway.

Our speech pathologists have a range of evidence-based interventions and therapies we can use to support you and your swallowing.

We work with a range of conditions

Don’t see your specific concern above? It doesn’t mean we can’t support you. We work with a wide variety of conditions in the communication, speech, voice, and fluency space. Get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can support you.

How does speech pathology work?

We’re Speechies with a commitment to you. It’s not about delivering a set of rigid therapy activities, it’s about a personalised treatment plan that plays on your existing strengths to  support you to improve your communication


It starts with a quick chat

You’ll have an initial assessment

We’ll put together a treatment plan

Strengths-based activities process

How can I prepare for my first appointment?

Call our office to find out how we can support you on your way to improved fluency, literacy or social communication. You’ll get an idea of what will happen next and what to expect from speech pathology.

Get started by booking an assessment with one of our speechies

You don’t need a referral to get started. A phone call or email will allow us to start the process of finding your next steps to better communication.