Speech Pathology for Seniors

As we grow into seniors, we can have new troubles arise with our voice and fluency. We work with older people from all walks of life to give you the support to communicate effectively again.

How we support seniors with speech pathology

We can support seniors who are experiencing degenerative neurological diseases through the LSVT® LOUD Program. The program is tailored for these diseases and targets speech, including clarity and respiratory support through simple, concentrated and effective sessions.

We provide programs and intervention techniques in groups and for individuals addressing the below concerns as well:

  • Speech and language maintenance
  • Stroke rehabilitation for speech, language and swallowing
  • Communicating despite hearing impairment
  • Communicating through dementia
  • Swallowing assessments and modified diet information

We work with swallowing and dysphagia

Dysphagia or trouble swallowing can occur at any time in our life. It’s surprisingly common in older adults. The cause of swallowing trouble can vary — from strokes or traumatic brain injuries, to changes in medication. These may cause a dry mouth, making chewing and swallowing difficult. Dysphagia can be quite dangerous if food or liquid is entering your airway.

 Our speech pathologists have a range of evidence-based interventions and therapies we can use to support you and your swallowing.

We work with a range of conditions

Whether it’s a bit of maintenance to keep your fluency in check or some support following a health incident, our team has a range of intervention and support techniques we can use to help you. Don’t see your specific concern above? We work with a broad range of concerns and may still be able to help. Get in touch with our team today.

How does speech pathology work?

At The Speechie Spot, we never deliver two identical speech therapy processes, because we’ll never have two identical clients. It’s about working with you to achieve what you want through a set of personalised activities that play on your strengths.


It starts with a quick chat

You’ll have an initial assessment

We’ll put together a treatment plan

Strengths-based activities process

How can I prepare for my first appointment?

Give us a call to work out your next steps. There’s no harm in getting started with a chat. Together, we’ll identify the kind of support you need and provide you with some information on how we’ll deliver it.

Get started by booking an assessment with one of our speechies

You don’t need a referral to get started. A phone call or email will allow us to start the process of finding your next steps to better communication.