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Build your communication skills and grow your confidence

We’re a team of speech pathologists providing tailored care to people across all age groups to support them in their speech pathology needs. Our team is passionate about empowering people to communicate fully across a variety of settings.

Everybody has the right to communicate

We believe everybody has the right and the ability to communicate but some of us will need a little bit of extra support to find our voice. It’s our job to give you the tools to use your voice confidently.

Our Speech Pathology Services

I am a…


Your teenager having trouble with speech, language or listening or with fluency, literacy or social communication can have a negative impact on their schooling, their job preparation, and their friendships. We’re experienced in providing the appropriate support and intervention to help your teenager become a confident, effective communicator.


It’s never too late to start building or rebuilding confidence through literacy, language or speech intervention. As our careers, our family lives, and our responsibilities grow and develop so does the need for effective communication. You may need some support following a stroke, TBI or with swallowing difficulties. Our speechies are experienced in supporting adults through these processes.


As we grow older, we experience different medical issues and our communication skills may require some support. Our team works with seniors to maintain, rebuild or supplement your speech skills for a healthy and long life.

Child’s Parent or Guardian

Late talkers, stuttering, troubles with sounds, slow literacy development — children can experience some hiccups as they grow and learn to communicate. We’ll guide you through a range of play- and activity-based learning to make developing your child’s speech fun and engaging.

Our Speech Pathology Programs

Experienced across many facets of speech and language, we provide a range of speech pathology programs to support our clients.

Meet the Team

The Speechie Spot team is a compassionate team of speech pathologists ready to make a difference. We’re big on empowering people through speech pathology intervention. We know that communication difficulties make life frustrating and harder and we feel privileged to get to help people build their communication skills.

Get started by booking an assessment with one of our speechies

You don’t need a referral to get started. A phone call or email will allow us to start the process of finding your next steps to better communication.