Rhythm is with us all the time, but our sense of rhythm does not always work actively and effectively. Sometimes we need to teach our body to find its rhythm. When we can’t find our rhythm, our body is not connected optimally to our brain which, in turn, affects how our body functions physiologically, psychologically and socially. Sensory integration and communicative competence can be affected by being in-sync or out-of-sync with the rhythms that surround us.

Is your child an ‘in-sync’ or an ‘out-of-sync’ child?
• Is your child aware of time?
• Does your child run to his or her own time only?
• Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention in social/educational settings?
• Is a change to someone else’s pattern problematic for your child?
• Can your child set up or follow routines?
• Can your child calm himself or herself?

When our rhythm is ‘out-of-sync’ our bodies become less integrated. We find awareness and focus harder to maintain, and our timing ‘goes off’.

The inTime program provides a personalised program of listening training to entrain our innate sense of rhythm. It is based on a progression through rhythms that are derived from a multitude of cultures and over a hundred different instruments and blended into unique compositions by Nacho Arimany. Fun movement activities that use body, drum and voice are used to help you find and strengthen your own rhythm and to blend yours effectively with the rhythms of daily life that are around you.

Kerry is a trained provider of the inTime Program.  For more information, or to talk about how the inTime Program can help your child, contact us here.