Meet The Speechie Spot.
A team of speechies passionate about empowerment through communication.

This is The Speechie Spot. The spot for all people who need a little bit of assistance in how they communicate. Working with people in their primary schooling years all the way through to seniors, we’re experienced speechies with an educated understanding of how brains work.

Seeking speech pathology services can be overwhelming, whether you’re young or a bit older. Learning how to communicate and overcoming these obstacles can be life changing at any age, though. We understand the mixed feelings that come with this kind of therapy and we’re here for you. You’ll notice the difference working with our friendly team.

Our Approach to Communication

Holistic & Overarching

We value taking a holistic approach to therapy. From our allied health services to how we communicate with family members, teachers or colleagues to further support you.


This means a willingness to work with you, to work around your lifestyle, and a willingness to try new things to give you the level of support you need to thrive.


We need to adapt the therapies we use and how we provide them to who you are and how your family or support network runs.

Our Mission

We’re here to empower you through communication. Unleash your potential and transform your life through communication.

Meet Our Speechies Team


Clinic Administration

You will likely get to chat with Tiff when you call our clinic or visit us for your appointment.  She is our friendly Pathways to Expression Administrator and will gladly help you connect with a speechie here at the clinic.  You are welcome to send all of your questions her way!

Tiff enjoys making music with friends, taking her dog to the beach, and camping in the hinterlands.


Lead Speech Pathologist

Kerry is our founder and Lead Speechie. She’s been working in the field of language and learning for over 30 years, initially as a teacher (teaching language at all levels of education – kindergarten to mature-age), and then as a speech pathologist.

 Over time she’s realised that people desperately want to communicate and they become tremendously frustrated when, for whatever reason, they are unable to do so with relative ease.

 Sometimes their frustration leads to involuntary silence, sometimes it leads to miscommunications that need to be sorted out. Most of her working life has revolved around assisting people to be able to speak their minds clearly, so that they are understood easily, without fear of sounding silly or being embarrassed about the content of what they are saying or about their mode of delivery. The need to communicate is lifelong. Kerry is just as passionate about the provision of services to youngsters as she is to her centenarian clients.

 When Kerry isn’t at work, she enjoys travelling, bush walking, dancing, learning about other cultures, reading, and hanging out with her friends.

 She looks forward to helping you meet your communicative needs.


Speech Pathologist

Clare originally joined The Speechie Spot as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) and 3rd Year Speech Pathology Student at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). Having completed her studies, Clare has joined us as a fully qualified Speech Pathologist working to ensure that clients get the most out of their therapy sessions. Sessions with Clare are available both in person and online, via Zoom.

Since completing her university studies, Clare has found an interest in speech, language, literacy and swallowing for both the paediatric and adult populations. Prior to joining us here at The Speechie Spot, she also worked as a Childhood Educator in a primary school setting.

When she is not working, you can find Clare enjoying the outdoors as she soaks up the sun at the beach or baking some sweet treats in the kitchen! Clare comes from a large family and appreciates the importance of close family interaction and involvement.

If you would like to find out if sessions with Clare are an appropriate option for you, please feel free to speak with us at The Speechie Spot – we will be glad to discuss this with you!


Allied Health Assistant

A 2023 4th Year Speech Pathology Student at the University of Queensland (UQ), Shaleah is with us as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA). Working under the guidance of our Speechies, Shaleah is here to ensure our clients and their families receive the best quality care by offering continued support sessions between Clinician appointments.

We believe Shaleah will enhance our clients’ therapy journeys by making service delivery more effective, structured and long-lasting. Though AHAs are not a replacement for a Speech Pathologist, the key to improvement is consistency.  Shaleah is here to administer therapy under the guidance of our speechies where appropriate, and to help develop and enhance the skills and drive of our clients in the therapy sessions.

Whilst continuing her university studies, Shaleah has found subjects of speech and language for both paediatric and adult clients really enjoyable to learn. Prior to joining us here at The Speechie Spot, Shaleah also did some volunteer work for a Neuro-Developmental organisation.

Shaleah has a true passion for the outdoors, hanging out with friends and family or baking up a storm in the kitchen. Shaleah comes from a very close family and values the importance of family centred care and involvement.

If you would like to find out if sessions with Shaleah are an appropriate option for you, please feel free to speak to your Speechie- she will be happy to discuss this with you.


Clinical Psychologist

Lorren is a registered clinical psychologist with many years of experience in both public and private settings.

She works predominantly with families (children, teenagers and parents) around issues of trauma, disruption, transitions and life adjustment. She also has many years experience working with children and young people carers and stakeholders in out of home care.

Her expertise includes managing anxiety, trauma and abuse, understanding the impact of these issues on daily functioning, parenting challenges and different ways to understand our kids, working with adopted and fostered children, working with adults around a variety of issues that continue to impact them and also working with children who don’t quite fit the mold (heightened sensitivity, anxiety, issues that impact how they think about and view the world, and children who are bright who have busy brains that just don’t switch off).

Get started by booking an assessment with one of our speechies

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